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Cardboard pallet supports

PallRun pallet supports are manufactured by ELTETE from raw cardboard in rolls. PallRun supports are an alternative to wooden pallets and are widely used in the packaging industry and international logistics.

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PallRun support arrangement

PallRun pallet supports are a combination of cardboard U-profiles and cardboard sockets between them. Cardboard profiles and sockets are made of durable multi-layer cardboard with PVA glue. Thus, PallRun supports are free of chips and nails and are an environmentally friendly packaging material. It is also possible to manufacture PallRun supports with an adhesive layer, which is covered with silicone paper. Such a supports can be used as a shipping container for corrugated cardboard boxes, since a wooden pallet is not required in this case.


  • Light weight
  • 100% recyclable
  • Replaces the wooden pallet
  • Adhesive layer option
  • Low cost compared to a pallet

Support options





Application in various industries

PallRun® cardboard supports can be combined with various surfaces such as corrugated board, honeycomb panel, or even attached directly to the product.

Easy manual assembly of cardboard pallets

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