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Protective multilayer paper bags

Air-filled pneumatic shells will reliably protect your cargo from damage and destruction during road, air, sea and rail transportation. The inflatable dunnage bag consists of several layers of durable polyethylene and kraft paper. The bag for filling voids, when transporting goods, is convenient to use and takes up as much space as necessary. The adjustable volume is easy to control by pumping to the size you want. Reusability and ease of use significantly reduce your shipping costs, without any complaints and claims from your customers.

ELTETE paper bags are a modern way to protect your cargo, at the moment it is the most cost-effective and reliable way to keep your products static during transportation.

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Available sizes

600 мм × 1200 мм 800 мм × 1200 мм 1000 мм × 2200 мм
Extra Strength Paper Valve Bags

  • Protect cargo from damage

  • Smart loading system
  • Fast packaging and simple shape
  • 100% recyclable - 3R
  • Meets modern standards

Advantages of ELTETE paper transport bags

  • Valve and baffle bag can be reused

  • Easy to use, adapts to any size and shape
  • A fast, convenient way to protect your cargo

Varieties of paper inflatable bags ELTETE

ELTETE Sankt Peterburg is a manufacturer of a wide range of kraft paper protective shipping bags. You can buy multi-layer paper transport bags in bulk and small wholesale from us. Each bag has a built-in air valve for repeatedly inflating and deflating the bag. Shipping bags can have one, two, three or more layers of kraft paper to make the product particularly durable. The dimensions of Dunnage Bags can vary from 10 × 20 cm to 300 × 200 cm. The most common type is three-layer paper bags.

Reliability of ELTETE pneumatic bags

Inflatable dunnage bags can have one, two, three or more layers of kraft paper to give the product extra durability.

ELTETE paper dunnage bags protect your cargo from damage!

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