ELTETE solutions

ELTETE TPM solutions are known in the packaging world for their strength and high quality. Innovative and sustainable transport packaging solutions are a great substitute for wooden or metal packaging. This easy-to-use, one-material alternative is 100% recyclable and accepted anywhere in the world without additional processing or restrictions.

Cost-effectiveness, versatility and low pricing policy — saves you time and guarantees zero customer complaints.

By combining various packaging solutions, we can offer the optimal packaging for your products.


Protective profiles made of cardboard of various types are designed to protect your products during transportation, handling and storage.

Protective profiles

Honeycomb board

ELTETE honeycomb panels are 100% recyclable honeycomb cardboard. The hexagonal structure of the cells ensures high strength.

Honeycomb board

D-board Light

It is a lightweight yet durable recyclable cardboard panel that is great for any visual communication appliance (VISCOM).


Cardboard pallets

Cardboard pallets made of honeycomb cardboard are light yet durable, do not require phytosanitary treatment.

Pallet solutions

Heavy duty boxes

A combination of various ELTETE components (profiles, cardboard pallets, and more).

Packaging Solutions

Slip sheets

The multi-layer material makes the slip sheets extremely resistant to moisture and wear. They can be used as a replacement for traditional pallets or as separating sheets.

Slip sheets

Dunnage bags

ELTETE paper dunnage bags protect your cargo from damage!

Dunnage bags

E-Commerce Solutions

ELTETE packaging is lighter and therefore an excellent alternative to traditionally used materials.

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