ЭЛТЕТЕ Санкт-Петербург —
одно из предприятий концерна Eltete TPM,

A global corporation with production sites in more than 14 countries around the world. The main activities of the ELTETE company are the production of transport packaging solutions based on cardboard, as well as the development of innovations for the packaging industry, which are successfully implemented in more than 60 countries around the world. ELTETE is a world leader in the production of cardboard-based packaging solutions.

In addition, the structure of the company includes:

  • production of equipment of any complexity,
  • production of D-board POS material, unique in its properties.

ELTETE Sankt-Peterburg has been successfully operating in Russia and neighboring countries for over 20 years. Currently, the production of cardboard corners has been established at the production base of the enterprise in the Leningrad Oblast. Cardboard corners, boxes of special strength, lashing bags of ELTETE company serve as reliable protection for goods throughout Russia. A wide range of wind and moisture insulating materials, construction vapor barrier and diffusion membranes will help you find the best option for the construction of any facility. Also, ELTETE is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary partitions and cabins, which are equipped with many hypermarkets, shopping and entertainment and business centers, gyms, schools and kindergartens both in St. Petersburg and the region, and throughout Russia from west to east.


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Cобственные производственные предприятия компании Eltete находятся в 16 странах, а наша сеть продаж охватывает 60 стран. Eltete является одним из ведущих в мире производителей уголков Edgeboard и упаковочных решений.

ELTETE TPM Engineering

Designs, markets, manufactures and installs all the equipment needed in modern green packaging factories.



Specializes in the processing and sale of D-Board panels, 100% recyclable multimedia panel for advertising solutions.


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