ELTETE activity is based on environmentally friendly products

Our goal is to attract as many new businesses as possible to participate in this important mission: to reduce our environmental impact by replacing non-sustainable materials with environmentally friendly transport packaging.

3R (Reduce, Replace, Recycle)

Adherence to the 3R principles (reduce, replace, recycle) results in less material and less transport, which ultimately has a positive impact on CO² emissions.

We take environmental considerations into account in new developments, material selection and manufacturing processes, and in all other Eltete operations.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve the goals they have set in their environmental policies.



Material, transport, warehousing, processing, labor and time costs.


By reducing packaging material, you need less storage space and can load more.

Design and R&D

Based on a careful study of each individual application, we can design the optimal packaging solution for you to meet your strength needs and other requirements.

Logistic chain

Properly selected, safe, lightweight and high-quality protective packaging will avoid customer complaints and will work effectively throughout the supply chain.


You will be the first to benefit from our continuous product development with the latest technology.


Your company's CO² emissions will be reduced by using 100% recycling and carton packaging made from the same material


You will benefit from enhancing the company's image by using environmentally friendly materials


Your satisfied customers will receive their goods safe and sound and can easily unpack and dispose of the shipping packaging.

Local service

Our global manufacturing and sales network spans all continents. ELTETE can provide technological solutions anywhere in the world.

Environmental policy

We are constantly improving our methods to reduce energy consumption in our manufacturing processes.

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ISPM-15 Standard

International standard for phytosanitary measures ISPM-15 for the processing of wood products in international trade.

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Quality and raw materials

Our products are known in the packaging world for their durability and high quality.

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