The perfect shock absorber for your products

The U-shaped profile is a product made of 100% recyclable cardboard, designed to protect the surface from mechanical damage during transportation without increasing the volume or weight of the cargo.

Its functions are to protect delicate surfaces from damage caused by loading during stacking, to pack the entire product (two U-shaped profiles form a transport box), to pack individual parts of the product (doors, windows, countertops, panels, pipes, profiles, etc.). The U-shaped profile can also be produced with a "pressing effect" for a tighter fixation on the product.

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U-Profile Sizes

А, мм B, мм C, мм D, мм
500–4200 15–90 20–80 2,5–6
Размеры П-профиля

  • Protection of delicate surfaces

  • Two U-profiles form a transport box
  • Reliable product protection from 3 sides
  • Packing the whole product and its individual parts
  • It is a shock absorber for doorways, stairs or fragile equipment during restoration or renovation work
  • Protection against stacking load damage

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