Food & Drink industry

In export deliveries to this industry, the demand for so-called Slip Sheets has increased. Slip sheets are used in the transport of frozen food, confectionery, pet food, dairy products, instant powders, alcoholic beverages, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and many other goods.

Today, you can find exotic foods and other foreign foods at your local supermarket. We are all interested in trying new things, which increases the need for product portability. Again, the versatility of the packaging material, the low cost of slip sheets and the huge savings in freight are the reasons for their popularity (see Cost Savings Calculations below).

Cost Savings Calculations

Comparison of the cost for a company exporting 1 container per week.

Comparison of the cost for a company exporting 10 containers per week

You can ship almost any type of product using slip sheets (boxes, bottles, big bags, bags, etc.)

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