Honeycomb panel pallet covers

10 June 2021|

Замените деревянный щит при паллетировании вашего груза на экологичное решение из сотовой панели по цене 198 руб. с НДС/шт. (размер 1200х800 мм). Возможно изготовление под индивидуальный размер. Больше информации о сотовых панелях.

Now our clients receive their orders even faster

7 July 2020|

Due to the increase in our production capacity, the order release time has been reduced to 3-4 days! There is an opportunity to make any order, for any range of our products, in the shortest possible time.

Our company has successfully passed the FSC certification

19 February 2020|

Responsible environmental management, which is expressed in the use of raw materials from responsible sources, is one of the main goals of our company. FSC forest management and chain of custody certification is mandatory for those companies that want to sell their products with FSC [...]

Mass production of cardboard honeycomb panels

1 October 2019|

Dear business partners, we are glad to inform you that our company has successfully carried out all the commissioning activities and started mass production of honeycomb cardboard panels. We remain committed to our main goal - by providing our own products [...]

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