Protection, stability and stacking strength

Laminated carton board provides superb protection, even against the hardest shocks.

Reinforce your transport packaging with edgeboards and say goodbye to damage in transit.

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ELTETE cost-effective edgeboards:

  • Replaces expensive packaging material

  • Saves work and material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • подходит даже для упаковки пищевых продуктов
  • Can be sent all over the world without any need extra treatment, such as the fumigation required for wooden material
  • Allows you to optimize your transport space by double-stacking
  • Strengthens your package and minimizes transport damage
  • Using sustainable materials
  • Moisture-resistant options
  • High quality ensures high strength

  • Adhesive layer options
  • Application of prints is possible

Edge protection

Stacking strength

Strengthening units

Vertical protection

Strapping protection

Types and Quality

Our edgeboards are made from a high-quality reusable carton board. They can be delivered either in Bio- or Heat-sealed qualities with a variety of surface perfect for each requirements, ensuring safe transport without damage to their products.

  • Bio-quality

    — PVA glue-laminated edgeboards from recycled carton.

  • HS-quality — heat-laminated liquid board for the most humid conditions or where very high strength is required.
  • Adhesive Edgeboard — edgeboards with an adhesive layer allow you to minimize the time for palletizing and completely abandon the stretch film.
  • Printing options — additional advertising of your products.



Adhesive Edgeboard

Printing options

Application in different industries

Our edgeboards, also known as corner protectors, corner boards, angle boards or edge protectors, are used on a wide variety of industries, such as steel, aluminum, beverages, doors and windows, electronics, paper, goods, personal care and also in the agricultural sector.

The possibilities are endless! To find the right products for your purposes, we can test the strapping and compression strength in order to find the right solution for you.



Минеральная вата

Сельское хозяйство

Standard sizes of edgeboards

A, мм B × C, мм D, мм
50 — 6000 35 × 35 Bio: 2-6
40 × 40
45 × 45 Bio: 2-8
50 × 50
60 × 60
80 × 80
100 × 100

New possibilities with edgeboards

Wrap-around Edgeboards

Protect the edges of cylindrical items. Designed for rolls, furniture and other round or custom products.

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Frame-Cut Profile

Sturdy and high quality profiles are cut to the required length using a special production method. Tight tolerances and ELTETE quality control ensure accurate results.


The new 4-sided cardboard pallet optimizes space utilization - you can load more and get all the benefits of durable recyclable packaging.

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