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Cardboard pallets

ELTETE cardboard pallets meet the highest market requirements. ELTETE produces cardboard pallets from honeycomb cardboard.

Almost any size and characteristics at the request of the customer make this material universal in use. It is possible to manufacture both 2-entry and 4-entry pallets. Static load on our product can reach 5 metric tons, dynamic load up to 400 kg of evenly distributed load! Honeycomb cardboard pallet characteristics are determined by the characteristics of the product during transportation, as well as by the operating and storage conditions..


  • light weight — 10 times lighter than wood
  • cost reduction
  • suitable for all kinds of goods
  • smooth surface, pleasant appearance
  • reusable
  • phytosanitary control not required
  • safety - no nails, chips, knots
  • easy to dispose of — just recycle as paper
  • can be used in any country in the world

Multiple applications

  • auto, air, sea and rail transportation
  • product storage

Application in various industries

The advantages that cardboard pallets bring to various industries are that they are hygienic (and therefore do not require fumigation and are accepted worldwide) and are also lightweight yet strong and water resistant, resulting in significant savings in transportation. Typical consumers of cardboard pallets are food industry, pharmaceutical industry and export companies.

Easy manual assembly of cardboard pallets

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