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ELTETE packaging solutions

Packaging solutions are a combination of various ELTETE components (profiles, cardboard pallets, etc.). Every product needs proper protection during transport, handling and storage. The ideal solution is to minimize material by selecting the exact components required for each application. Stabilization, stacking strength, protection and even weight distribution can be achieved in a practical and economical way from a single material — 100% recyclable cardboard.

Volume reduction means savings in material, labor, transport and recycling

The BOX®

It is an excellent export packaging and an alternative to heavy wood or plywood boxes. The BOX® does not require processing like wood, and you will benefit from savings in material, handling and transport costs.



The framepack is a great alternative to wood, plastic and metal materials, as well as a replacement for heavy boxes. By combining various components from our range, we are able to provide our customers with the optimal packaging according to their requirements.


Slip sheets

The multi-layer material makes the slip sheets extremely resistant to moisture and wear. They can be used as a replacement for traditional pallets or as separating sheets.

Slip sheets

PallRun® Pallet Supports

ELTETE pallet solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of your packaging.

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